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The 6th night’ is a bilingual and illustrated collection of poems that I made together with the artist Corey Ruecker. The book was published thanks to the support of the Creación grant of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes in 2022. The book has three poems of each one and three illustrations in conversation with them, thus giving the number of six poems, three drawings by Corey and three pyro-engraving by me.'


Ian Molina



‘The overall theme of the book is one of ritual, mysticism, esotericism and nightfall. Like the title of Ian’s first poem suggests, ¿Quiénes serán los jinetes entrada ya la sexta noche? We are asked who will be the riders of the 6th night, who will bring in the 7th day? In Abrahamic faiths, the 7th day is holy and a day of rest. The night before, however, remains undefined.’


Corey Ruecker

The 6th night, 2022, ARG/USA.

Art Maze Magazine, 2020, Issue 18 (pages 76-77), UK.

Verses, 2021, (pages 118-121), Issue 5 – GARDEN, USA.

Vast Magazine, 2021, Issue 2 (pages 56 and 57), USA.

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